Rain and Sun

We have been back in Panama almost a week and the weather has been fairly nice.  Yesterday it rained all day, but most days so far have started out sunny with clouds coming in only in the afternoon – just in time to cool things down for the night.   Bill has discovered that the new computer that he purchased while we were stateside is incompatible with all the external internet antennas that we have, so internet for both of us is now iffy on the boat.  We therefore spend most afternoons up at the BYC bar where there is good internet and cold beer as well!  Last night was Cruiser Night at the bar so we got to visit with some of our friends, although the turn-out was small due to the rain.

Frank and Shirley called both Saturday and Sunday nights inviting us to go out to dinner with them.  The first night we ate East Indian cuisine and then off to our favorite Italian restaurant for Sunday night.

We area again enjoying life in Panama especially the warm but not hot weather. The only lack for us is coffee.  We are lazy on Lanikai and use the instant kind.  Our second morning back we missed the great coffee at the Brill house,  so we walked to Niko’s cafe where we enjoyed good coffee along with sweet pastries.  Well, we can not do that too often as we would both get fatter.  We are getting used to the instant coffee stuff again.