Big Thunder Storm

About 6 PM last evening we noticed black clouds over the city so we unrolled the plastic curtains around the cockpit and got ready to close up if the rains really arrived.  They did arrive and along with the rains there was lots of lightening.  When the flash-to-thunder time got down to 6 counts we packaged our computers in the oven to join much of Lanikai’s electronics.  Bill and I then sat in the cockpit and settled down to watch the show.  The lightening storm passed overhead and we could see the strikes hitting something onshore near the BYC Bar,  sometimes with a count as low as one (about 1000 feet away).  The rain came down in torrents, washing all the soot from the ships and bridge traffic off of Lanikai.  The worst of the storm was over in a little over an hour.  After the thunder passed and the real downpour lessened; the rain continued all night.

We are currently up at the BYC Bar enjoying being outside but undercover with our computers  There is internet access as well here and cold beer.   With the almost constant rain Lanikai would have to be closed  up so it is much more pleasant to spend the afternoon here.