Very Rolly Anchorage

We have had no rain for the last three days but some sun and lots of clouds and lots and lots of wind.  The wind has been more southerly and therefore bringing in lots of waves into the anchorage.  We have had to fight the chafe of our our buoy lines where they cross the toe rail.  Lots of rolled up towels seems to have solved that problem, along with a little filing to round off the outer corner of the toe rail so that the toweling is not being cut by the hull.

Monday afternoon we picked up mangos as we returned from our morning walk.  The ripe mangos are just starting to fall!  Tuesday morning I was up early peeling and cutting the fruit off a large bag of mangos.  They were then blended to pulp and turned into mango-orange jam.

Wednesday we did our usual Chinese breakfast of dim sum at a super restaurant downtown.  Many cruisers and a few locals show up for this time together.  Afterward, Bill and I then took the bus to the Cinco de Mayo area to shop at Machetazo.  We had more than groceries to pick up and this is a super big Fred Meyer style store.  Since my canning jars are full of jam, and I wanted to make more jam for friends, we picked up covered cups to put the jam into to pass out to friends.  Bill purchased two pair of knock-off crocs for only $4 a pair and we picked up a few groceries and coffee to take stateside.  While we were shopping we got a call from Shirley.  They were off to lunch in Casco Viejo and wondered if we wanted to join them.  Of course we did so we marched off to the Cinco de Mayo Plaza and waited for them to pick us up.  We spent the rest of the afternoon and well into the evening with Frank, Shirley and Paul.  We even ended up at their house for dinner.

Thursday it was early to shore to pick up more mangos and more jam was made. Now I am trying to pass it out to our local friends.

The last three nights have been very rolly, last night was the worst and even Bill and I got very little sleep – so we took morning naps before starting the day as the rolls and wind lessened after sun up.