Unique Experience, Current Event!

Well, we just now got to watch a big ship run aground in the Panama Canal under the Bridge of the Americas.  This is not supposed to happen!  In the five years we have been in-and-out of here this is the second grounding we have seen (and the previous one was nowhere near the bridge).  The canal is quite ‘closed’ until this monster is moved away!

See also http://www.panama-guide.com/article.php/20100518191701674



It is currently almost high tide and it will be interesting this evening when the tide gets low; where the ship sits now there is very little water at low tide.  We are looking at a 15 foot drop in the tide tonight.

Final Update…

The ship was pulled off the rocks this morning (Wednesday 19 May) at 8:15 (right at high tide).  Lots of tug boats involved.  No damage to the bridge (there is lots of rip-rap around the base of the piling specifically to prevent that from happening).   The ship was apparently just carrying coal, so no environmental damage.   Very little canal traffic all night.  End of story (but I’m sure glad I was neither the pilot nor the captain !!).