From Salt Lake City Airport

Well, we are sitting here in the Salt Lake City airport waiting until almost 1AM for our next leg of the journey home.  We left Bozeman with much confusion over our luggage.  It seems that it should have been checked all the way to Panama without cost to us but because of our 11 hour lay over here in Salt Lake City they would only check it to here.   Bill tried to get our boarding passes and pay the luggage fee on the internet.  There is where the confusion began as they would only issue boarding passes for the first leg of our journey.  Bill made a phone call to the listed 800 number but the lady that answered the phone could not give us any better information.  When we got to the airport this morning in Bozeman the attendant could not do anymore for us and checked our two bags to Salt Lake city.

When we arrived here at SLC, we did not immediately collect our bags but ate lunch and eventually wandered our way around the airport, inside the security area, and found a friendly lady with a little more knowledge.  Well at least she knew where to call and was puzzled that we could not check the bags all the way to Panama from Bozeman.  She suggested that we wait until after 7PM to collect our bags, but made some calls so that baggage knew that we would be coming.  After 7pm,  Bill wandered down to baggage claim and got both bags.  I waited behind the security check with our carry-on luggage (as always, a major hassle to get carry-on computers, radar screen and ham radio equipment thru security; so we wanted to keep it all inside the secured area).  In baggage claim he encountered  a knowledgeable lady who said that since we were flying international to Latin America there should have been no charge for two bags each.  Bill carried both bags out to the check-in counter and got them checked in and got his boarding pass to Atlanta.

He came back thru the Security check and we found another agent that would issue Doreen her boarding pass.  Still only from SLC to Atlanta, but we should have no trouble getting our boarding passes to Panama when we get to Atlanta.   They told Bill that he could get on the internet to apply for a refund of the baggage fees that we should not have been charged.  They could not refund it now because we were still in transit.

Anyhow, it all made for an interesting day.