Damaged in Travel

We arrived back to Lanikai a week ago today and after recovering from the travels on Saturday, Bill removed all of the old heat exchangers from the engine on Sunday.  We had brought south with us, this last trip,  the last and largest of the three heat exchangers, the cooler for the main engine.  Monday Bill began looking at the new exchangers to see what fittings needed to be moved from the old ones to the new and he discovered that one of the hose ends of the main engine cooler had been damaged in our luggage.  He was quite upset and sore from all his engine room contortions the previous day so all was put on hold.


Tuesday morning he woke up with a plan and got to work with vice grips, wooden plugs and pliers and got the fitting straightened out to round again.


He was not quite happy with it yet, so put even more effort into getting it more round before he called it quits for the day.  It is quite hot and humid so it is difficult to put more than a few hours a day into boat projects.

Thursday Bill installed the oil cooler, the one in the most difficult spot to get to.  Today the newly repaired engine cooler was installed leaving just the transmission cooler for tomorrow.  It had already been installed while we were in Ecuador but we had to “Mikey Mouse” the end fittings.  The proper fittings were more of the parts that came down in our luggage with us.