Back to Panama

We made it back to the Balboa Yacht Club on Friday night in time to enjoy a few beers and listen to the Friday music, a little loud, before we returned to Lanikai.  The boat was just as we left it – no problems and since there has been afternoon rains, it was quite clean outside.  We were so tired by the time we got to the boat, about 10:30 PM, that we got our bags below and climbed into bed.  Well, actually Bill had  a struggle but finally got the salt water inlet opened so the toilet would be usable.

Yesterday, Saturday, we unpacked and rested.  I  did get the dusty floor down below, where the rain thankfully did not get, mopped with water from the afternoon’s rain.

Today Bill started the major project of replacing all the engine coolers.  It was very hot and humid, and age has some input as well, so it took most of the morning to get the old coolers removed – with lots of breaks for poor Bill to cool down under a fan.  Now we are up at the YC where the internet is more reliable for the two of us.  I am downloading all the great Happy Mother’s Day comments from our daughters and some from grandchildren as well.  The grandchildren made sweet-smelling soap last weekend with Ginger’s help and they got delivered to us in Montana before we flew south – so I have the great Mother’s day gifts with me.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mothers out there