Water Fun in Aruba

Thursday, April 15, Santa Marta, Columbia

This was another stop where Bill and I decided to stay on the ship and spent the day reading by the pool. Bill and I had gone ashore to explore the town last year and did not think that the town deserved a second walk and besides our legs were quite sore after all the walking yesterday.


While up on the pool deck I looked over the water-side of the ship and many of the life rafts from that side of the ship were in the water.  I watched as they hauled up several of them back to their deck-5 locations.  It seems that the crew took advantage of the time in Santa Marta do some life-raft practice.

Friday, April 16, Aruba

Today we took a Snorkel tour to Isla Palma, not knowing what we were getting into but knowing that the water here is clear and beautiful. A bus took us to a small marina where a people ferry took us the short distance across to a one of the fringing islands.

Palm Island

This island is privately owned and contains an all-inclusive day resort complete with a snorkel area, a nice water park, a hamburger stand and a bar with a few select drinks including the local beer on tap. Bill and I started off snorkeling; there were many beautifully colored fish including some quite large bright blue parrot fish and some coral covered rocks. But the water was quite shallow so after about 45 minutes we got tired of fighting the waves to stay off the rocks and gave up.  Our underwater camera had failed again.  It was not water tight and took in water when we tried to use it after Christmas snorkeling in the Perlas Island.  We took it in for warranty repair in Panama City and got it back just before leaving on the ship.  Bill tired to take pictures underwater here in Palm Island and got only 5 photos before it failed again due to water intrusion.


Doreen decided to try out the slides at the water park and it was a blast to slide down the twisty turns. Some of the slides were enclosed and dark inside so you had no idea which way you would be turning until you were sliding fast into it. Others were open with great views over the surrounding seas. I had such a fun time that I found Bill and talked him into going down the slides with me. I then ran into Sara and dragged her up into the lower of the slides and talked her into sliding too. We enjoyed several hours climbing up and sliding down the various slides as well as standing under or over the various water spouts and falls. Dan eventually joined us and slid down a few times with Bill. We all took several breaks to enjoy hamburgers and many glasses of the local beer. We returned to the ship tired, so a nap was in order and Bill and I took advantage of the hot tub after dinner to rest our sore muscles.