On to Florida

Saturday and Sunday were days at sea while the boat traveled from the southern Caribbean Sea to Florida. There were lots of activities on board and Bill and I watched a few, but mostly we spent the time reading and relaxing at a shady spot on the pool deck. We did get some photos of the officers-versus-the-passengers volley ball game, a parade of flags presented by the various nationalities among the crew, had a nice tour of the bridge and enjoyed lots of great food.

Saturday was Doreen’s birthday and Shirley made sure that we had a special time at dinner. Together the six of us consumed 5 bottles of Champagne and the waiter had chocolate soufflé made especially for our table. It was hot out of the oven when they served it! Sunday was our last day aboard and we all had several bottles of wine left on our wine packages so we again enjoyed bottles of Champagne both during and after dinner while watching the last of the shows.

Frank made the karaoke finals, so after the show we hurried off to the other end of the ship to listen to the finalists. They were all quite good and Frank ended up with third place after two very young girls of 13 and 15.

Sara and Dan have published a nice set of their photos on the web.  Check out Sara’s photos.

Monday April 19, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Since we had packed light, we planned to carry all our bags directly off the ship as we had carried them on. This was called the “express disembarking” and we were assigned to wait in the theater until our turn to leave the ship and clear customs back into the US. It was almost 8AM by the time we were led off the ship, clearing immigration and customs went smoothly and the scheduled bus to the Miami airport was loading as we exited the building. Within 30 minutes the bus was full enough to head south to Miami and the airport. We arrived way early for our afternoon flight, so we had time to eat a leisurely lunch before heading north to Detroit. We ate dinner in Detroit, then on to Minneapolis where we transferred to a small plane that flew us on to Bozeman, Montana.