Cartagena, Columbia

Wednesday April 14, Cartagena, Columbia

Today we all went ashore and found a taxi to take us up to the fort.


We all explored the fort together for a short while in light intermediate drizzle. Frank and Shirley got ahead of us and finally headed for town to do some shopping while we continued to explore the fort with Dan and Sara. The rains came and at first it was light so we continued to explore but soon in became a downpour so we scurried to find shelter and ducked into one of the many tunnel openings already dripping with water. There we stood with others watching the rain and waiting for it to cut back at least a little. When it became a gentle rain we hunted Bill down, he had ducked under a table with one of the guards, and we all continued exploring in the light rain. It again turned into a downpour so we again hid from it this time under a palapa roof. As the rain cut back this time we gave up and left the fort for the city. We only got as far as the entrance before it began to pour again.


An umbrella salesman cornered Dan and Sara and they ended up with three nice umbrellas, a little late as we were already dripping wet. Bill purchased a nice t-shirt from another of the many vendors around the entrance. We crossed the street and waited for the rain to cut back somewhat,  just inside a car repair shop. It was then across the bridge and into the old city.


We explored some of the streets of the old walled city, taking photos of the narrow streets with balconies overhanging them; many had flowers and greenery growing in pots on them. The town is well preserved and kept up with fresh paint as it has become a major tourist attraction for the country of Columbia. Then Sara suggested walking on to Club Nautico to see what was really happening there. It was quite a walk from town but we eventually made it.


The restaurant and other buildings have been torn down and progress had started on reconstructing, but all was on “political hold” now. The old docks are still there and are still filled with sailboats. We did not stick around very long and since we could see the cruise ship not far away we continued on our walk. It was quite a long walk as we had to walk most of the way around the container port and enter from the opposite end to where we started.