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Italian Dinner out

Thursday Grandma Ward got her hair done in the afternoon.  We went out to dinner at her favorite Italian Restaurant.  It was still snowing outside and quite cold in the car, but warm in the restaurant.


It was not so warm after we got home so we all bundled up in our own ways before snuggling into bed.


Grandma and Grandpa chose cozy blankets while Doreen chose to layer her clothing.


Yesterday we woke up to warm snow falling, but it soon turned to rain. However this morning we got another surprise when we looked outside.


As you can see the snow is still falling and it is cold enough for it to stick on the ground.

Tuesday night Buffet

Last night we went across the street to the Country Club for their Tuesday night Buffet.


Doreen helped her mom serve up a plateful of food.


Mom is waiting for the duck to be cut.

We arrived at the dining room with most of the tables empty and the room quite quiet. But it filled up while we ate and by the end, communication between us became difficult with all the background noise.

hearing troubles

Here is the solution that Doreen and her dad applied.

Great Grandma Ward…Another Birthday

Wednesday April 21 was Doreen’s mother’s 29th birthday for the ?’th time.


She got a bouquet of flowers from her favorite husband who had also just celebrated his own birthday the week before.


We picked up a large yummy chocolate cake at the nearby Costco; but no candles, as we did not want to burn the house down or melt the cake.  Needless to say we all enjoyed the cake.

Towel Art

IMG_8581  IMG_8608

IMG_8615 IMG_8674

P4110002 P4120025 P4130046 P4140149

Each evening we were presented with a different towel animal on our bed.