Sunday at another Restaurant

Sunday afternoon we went with Frank and Shirley and Lisa to an interesting restaurant – The Pangaea Club – with live music.  There was a nice quiet trio playing guitars when we arrived.  Nice quiet music for visiting over glass of wine, which we did.


Shirley, Lisa and I took a look around the restaurant at the interestingly decorated rooms.  Some had you sitting on a sofa, others on soft chairs or benches, but all the rooms were decorated in a different motif from the East.

Eastern Rooms


Then the band that we had come to hear arrived and we enjoyed our dinners with their great music, some Argentinean, some Latin ballads and some French folk music – including a sea shanty that both Bill and I were familiar with in its English version.     There were 5 musicians in the band but they took turns playing in smaller groups and only did a few numbers as the entire group.