Emberá-Druá Village

Yesterday – Monday –  a group of cruisers made the  trip to the Emberá-Druá Village up the Chagres River.  Bill and I have made this trip several times in the past and it is always an enjoyable time.  Bill opted to stay on the boat with his computer while I made the trip.  Several of our friends have cars and they drove 16 of us to the launch point where we boarded cayucas for the trip up river.

IMG_8229 IMG_8230

It is about an hour trip up the river to the village.  About 2/3 of the way we made a stop to hike up to a pretty waterfall with nice swimming opportunities.  In the past there was enough water in the river that the cayucas could get us almost to the waterfall, but the small tributary was so small this season that it was about a 30 minute hike to the falls.

IMG_8248 IMG_8255

After the visit to the waterfall, we encountered many shallow spots in the main river; our guides had their work poling us thru the shallows with some help from the outboard motor raised until it was just in the water.

At the village we were greeted by the natives all dressed up for the occasion.  The men wore beaded skirts and the women had beaded tops over their traditional bright skirts.


It was the first day of school and school was “out” soon after our arrival in the village.  The children cleaned the school and washed down the front porch.


After a lunch of fish and patacones, the women preformed several traditional dances for the tourists, while some of the men played music on traditional instruments.


The trip down river was much quicker.  We returned to the Balboa Yacht Club – tired but happy after the interesting fun day, just in time for the Monday night Cruisers’ Book Exchange.  Shirley was presented with the dancer’s flower head ornament from one of her friends in the village.  She wore it home and to the YC book exchange.  It was still pretty even though the flowers were beginning to wilt.