A week of Fun and Projects

Another busy week of activities here in Balboa has passed too rapidly.  Saturday morning, while Bill worked on his computer, I ran off with Shirley to a women’s lunch.  There is a group of ladies that get together about once a month at a local restaurant to enjoy each others company and visit while eating a light lunch.  The day got quite hot and humid  so after I returned we took our computers up to the shady bar where it was cooler under the palm thatched roof.  Bill has been working on our blog so that he can have an area on it where his two programs can be downloaded from.  He says that it will be much easier to update to new versions of the program than his old web page.

Last Sunday we woke, finally, to a fairly calm wind-less day.  I pulled out to bo’sun chair and went up to the spreaders on both masts to spread linseed oil.  They were so dry that they soaked up lots of oil and it took about 45 minutes each mast.  I was lucky in that we only had to hold on for two fast passing ship wakes.  Since we found the oil here in Panama I have been oiling much of the exterior wood.    Then in the afternoon we got a nice rainstorm and I spread soap on the deck to start getting rid of the linseed splatters on the deck from the mornings projects.  Sunday afternoon while we were enjoying beers at the bar, Frank and Shirley invited us over to their condo for lasagna dinner.  We visited and watched a few shows on TV returning to the marina.

Monday was book exchange at the Yacht club and a large group of cruisers gathered this week for the event.  It was another hot humid day so we were already up at the bar typing on computers when the event started.

Tuesday we spent on the boat.  I was into a great book and Bill was tied up with his computer so we never made it to shore.

Wednesday was dim sum for breakfast at a local Chinese restaurant.  The cruisers and some of the local expats meet at the restaurant to visit and enjoy the yummy Chinese dumplings with all sorts of interesting fillings.  Bill and I boarded a local bus after the breakfast and headed to one of our favorite grocery stores – Machetazo; they have pretty much everything and the prices are much less than some of the more “up-scale” chains.  We didn’t buy enough to require a taxi to get ourselves back to the marina, so we walked to the ‘Cinco de Mayo’ plaza and took the local mini-bus the rest of the way.

Yesterday, Thursday, Bill hauled 80 gallons of diesel in jerry jugs to fill up Lanikai’s diesel tank.  It took him three trips to the fuel dock but we are now filled up.  We get fuel in jerry jugs so that it can be easily filtered and inspected as we put it into the tanks.  The fuel here is very clean, but we have run into fuel occasionally from rusty dirty tanks and it is easier to catch the crud before it gets into our tanks.