Photos from the Perlas Islands

We spent the last two months enjoying the Las Perlas Islands of Panama before coming into Panama City.

PC250064 PC250058

Christmas Dinner – both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – was shared with friends at Örnen House on Isla Contadora.  Werner and Ginny were our dock neighbors when we spent time in Chula Vista on our way south many, many years ago.  They now own the residence they call Örnen House in Contadora – named after their boat.

IMG_7967 IMG_7956

We had some bright sunrises while anchored off some of the islands.


Local fisherman fishing nearby to our anchored boat.


Bill navigating us thru a narrow, shallow channel.


We arrived at the Balboa Yacht Club a week ago.  This is the marina office, probably an old control tower for the Panama canal from the days before radar, racon, GPS and AIS.