Officially in Panama

Yesterday Bill and I made the run-around to the many offices that we had to visit to complete the check-in procedure.  It took all of two hours – what a change from our week long hassle to check out of Ecuador.  When we finished with immigration we were just a few blocks from a strip mall that included a donut and ice cream store, so off we went to enjoy a treat.  A quick trip to the nearby grocery store and Bill’s phone rang while we were in the check out line.  Shirley was on the line to see if we were interested in lunch at Crepes and Waffles in the big Albrook  mall.   Of course we were up for it,  so we spent a few wonderful hours catching up with Frank and Shirley and then they returned us to the marina.

Today we got started with a morning walk along the causeway and I got a large load of very salty clothing washed.  Bill is making good use of the great internet connection here, checking out things that we need to order and questions that need answers.