New Computer for Doreen

Doreen has been without a working computer since the beginning of November when her machine died one morning while we were in Ecuador.  Ecuador was not the place to replace or repair it, so we made due.  We left Ecuador after Halloween and then spent the next few month traveling to and within the Perlas Islands of Panama where there are few stores for food and not much else.  We arrived into Balboa just as Carnival was getting going, so all shopping was put on hold until after Ash Wednesday.

Yesterday we went into the city to take our dead underwater camera in for repairs.  It leaked sea water into it the first time we took in snorkeling.  Hopefully the warranty will cover the repairs and we get the camera back soon.

The shopping center where the factory-authorized repair shop is also has a large MultiMax electronics store.  After turning in the camera we went looking  in the electronics store.  They “just happened” to have an English computer (meaning it doesn’t have a Spanish keyboard)  in stock, complete with factory installed English Windows 7 software.  It was not quite as full of goodies as the computer that I had been looking at on the web –  and a little more expensive  –  but we decided that a computer now was worth the difference and we returned to the Balboa Yacht Club with the new laptop!!  Bill spent the rest of the afternoon – and well into the night – getting this machine set up for me with my favorite programs and all my many photos, eMails, FotoAlbums and video clips.  Now I am back in business and, maybe, this blog will see more current updates.  No excuses now!!!