End of “Vacation”

We have spent the last two months enjoying the Perlas Islands of Panama.  We have enjoyed many spectacular anchorages.  Doreen took off kayaking most mornings exploring the areas near our anchored Lanikai.  We had swarms of beautiful black and turquoise green butterflies at one of the anchorages. At the last anchorage we had lots of birds to watch.  The pelicans dove for fish very near our boat and small black ducks filled the sky with ‘black writing’ as they passed overhead in long lines.  We also had a large flock of white egrets on the nearby reefs.  Snorkeling was great the first month but more recently the cool Humboldt current has invaded the islands with cooler and therefore greener water.

Now it is getting time to head on into the big city of Panama.  There is supposedly  a buoy for us at the Balboa Yacht Club starting on February 15, so we are making our last visit to Isla Contadora now.  We have stopped here about every other week to shop at the small tienda.  The supply barge arrives each Thursday at high tides, so on Fridays there was an ‘ok’ supply of fresh vegetables and of course they do have a stock of ice cream.  Bill and I usually bought one of the smaller containers to enjoy at nearby tables.  There is also a much needed trash barrel at the dinghy landing, to dump our two weeks’ worth of plastics and other emptied containers.  We will probably stick around this area until we move into the big city in about a week.

Without internet connections, Bill has spent the time working on his FotoAlbum program.  The FotoAlbum can now accept and show movie clips that we are now taking with the new digital cameras.  The program is getting good attention as well to much internal clean up and bug fixes from his previous sets of improvements.

Well, chores and trips to stateside await us in the city, as well as well-stocked stores and great restaurants – which we are certainly looking forward to next week.