Arrived at the Balboa Yacht Club

We picked up a mooring at the Balboa Yacht Club about 3 this afternoon (Tuesday, 9 Feb).  It took us several hours to get Lanikai put together after our travels and getting the paperwork together with all the necessary copies, before we could start the official check in routine.  By the time we were ready it was almost 5PM so much of the running around will wait for tomorrow morning.  We did get our passports stamped with arrival by the officer on the dock here and then enjoyed nice showers.  Bill and I then walked off to TGI Friday’s for large ice cream sundaes.

Our original hope was to arrive here the 9th of February,  but when we checked on the availability of buoys about 2 weeks ago we were told that it would not be until Feb 15 that one would be free.  But yesterday when Bill called to check up on things no one remembered the Feb 15 promise, but one was available the next day (meaning today! The 9th! So here we are!).

We spent yesterday afternoon with Ginny and Werner at their home on Isla Contadora and pulled up the anchor early this morning to travel here on the incoming tide.   If we had had to wait until the later date we would have had to travel much at night to catch the tide, so we were very happy to get the buoy today.