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December 30

With only two more days left of the old year many boats are arriving and anchoring off the beach.  Bill and I went snorkeling again but the water was cooler and therefore more cloudy.  Also the day was not real sunny, only hazy bright, but it was a warm day – so being in the water felt GREAT.


In the evening a southerly swell picked up and since we were sitting in no wind we spent the night rolling in the tiny waves.  About 10PM there were several displays of fireworks at the end of the airport runway not far from us.  New Year’s here is a celebration like the 4th of July is in the US as it is usually the end of the rainy season and the beginning of what they call summer.  This year we are still getting some rains.  We even had a short downpour last evening, but the children are out of school for the next three months.


Yesterday was a very nice sunny day with very light wind.  I took off early in the morning and paddled my kayak all the way around Isla Contadora.  It took about 2 hours and I checked out the snorkel spots as I passed over them.  The water seems to be clearing, it was still green but the bottom and fish could be seen quite clearly.

In the afternoon we went ashore and spent another enjoyable afternoon with Werner and Ginny.

This is the holiday week here in Contadora and the Panama residents that have vacation homes on the island are showing up with their fancy boats.  Most are not real large with only small cabins but they are full of fishing gear.  Most are anchored overnight with boat boys onboard to watch things.  In the morning the owners and guests are picked up to spend the day fishing.  There are also many boats that come out from the city for the holidays with the owners living onboard.  There were about 50 boats in the mooring field last evening and I expect that more will show up today.

Today we awoke to a dewy wet deck with fog and low clouds.  When all burns off we plan on snorkeling again in the later morning.

A Relaxing Day

The weather remained unsettled all day as we had some sun, some rain and lots of wind at times.  Bill and I read and relaxed on the boat not wanting to get caught ashore and having to return to the boat in a wet blow.  There were several hours of rolly conditions when the wind veered more easterly and the waves wrapped around the end of the island but mostly it was fairly calm in the anchorage with Lanikai dancing as she does in the gusty winds.  We had brought the dinghy onboard yesterday before the storm arrived and so Bill took advantage of it by replacing the fuel hose end that had cracked and did not stay attached to the motor well.  He also removed the prop and tried to get the center hub out so that we could replace it, but with no luck.  It has started to let go when we try to run the dinghy at planeing speeds.

Another Storm

About 2 PM yesterday afternoon the clouds moved in again.  They gave us a nice rainstorm.  The water poured out of the sky for several hours and then continued lighter for the rest of the evening.  We also got some strong winds and nearby lightening.  Earlier we had decided not to go ashore today, so the bad weather found us snug on Lanikai where we could just enjoy watching it pass.   We sat in the cockpit reading and relaxing after the last few really busy days ashore. 

The sky was cloudy all night with more rain this morning, and the sky appears to be clearing as the day warms up, but based on the weather faxes that I have picked up this morning it looks like we will have this unstable weather for a few more days.


This morning (before the storm) Bill and I went to the east end of Isla Contadora and jumped into the clear water to do some snorkeling. 


There are several nice areas of coral and lots of pretty fish in the nice warm water.