The Perlas Islands of Panama

We have been in the Las Perlas Island for just over a week now and have moved two times.  It got rolly off Rios Cacique after three calm days there, so we moved up to behind Espiritu Santo on Sunday.  There we found clear water and good snorkeling with the incoming tides.  There is a nice reef and a few islets on the east side of the island that provided protected snorkeling in the southerly and then northerly swell.  Also lots of areas for Doreen to use her kayak in.  We spent four nice days there before moving north to Isla Contadora today, Thursday.  Here we plan to meet up with friends for Christmas.  We arrived early as the e-mail from the boat is kind of iffy now.  It depends on ham HF radio and with the low sunspot numbers, the propagation is not very good.  Friends on this island have a real internet connection to the outside world!  There is also phone service on this island. Planning the big day with our friends in Panama is therefore easier and since some of them are arriving from the city Doreen can ask for  needed supplies to be brought out with them.