The Passage to Panama

We made the passage from Cabo Pasado in Ecuador to the south end of Isla del Rey in the Perlas Islands of Panama in five days.  The first two days were wonderful sailing with westerly winds of 12-15 knots and since we were heading almost due north it made for a wonderful reach.  Then the wind failed us, probably as we entered the ITCZ.  We motored most of the third day although the winds did pick up for a few hours of sailing several times during the day.  The next day, Monday, we had no wind at all but come evening we encountered many squalls some with winds above 35 and LOTS of rain.  Lanikai finally got her much needed bath!  Mud flew out of all the lines and down the stays and finally washed off the deck with the many downpours that we passed thru.  Tuesday, our last day out, was mostly calm but the seas were lumpy from the night’s storms so going was slow.  Tuesday night we encountered a few more squalls but nothing like the night before.  We dropped the hook Wednesday morning off Rio Cacique at the south end of Isla del Rey.