Out of Bahia de Caraquez

On Wednesday afternoon the Immigration Officials arrived – rather late – but we did get all the paperwork done for our 3PM  departure time.  We followed Passages out of the bay as they had the pilot on board, but it did us little good as we touched bottom after rounding the first point!  Bill managed to get us back into the channel and we continued out.  Carlos the pilot came back to us in the panga and guided us thru the last turn out toward the deeper water.  It was very slow going as we then had the wind right on our nose and it was up to 20 knots over the boat.  Soon after the water started to deepen out Lanikai’s engine quit!  We made quick work of getting two sails up and tacked the rest of the way out of the bay. five hours later we dropped the hook, under sail as we could not get the engine going again, behind Cabo Pasado in the dark.  Bill spend the next morning replacing the fuel pump, cleaning out clogged fuel lines and changing the engine oil.  He also dove on the bottom to see if we did any damage to the rudder when we bounced off the sand bar the day before.  All was well.

Friday morning we finally got underway toward Panama and soon had enough wind to sail.