Leaving Ecuador

Since Doreen’s computer died a month ago no blog entries have been made since Bill’s computer is too busy with his own use for her  to get a chance at it.  We are now getting ready to leave Ecuador.  The boat is ready and Bill has started the paperwork shuffle this morning.  Two trips to the Port Captain’s office and still no exit zarpe.  Immigration is scheduled to arrive here Wednesday morning to check us out, but who knows at this point whether we will have boat’s exit papers or not.  We need to exit the bay on the afternoon high tide Wednesday at 4PM.  Our plan is to stop at Cabo Pasado for a night or two and then head off to the Perlas Islands of Panama for fun in the water and the sun before we move into Panama City with another list of boat chores to accomplish.

We have been enjoying the last month here in Bahía de Caráquez, visiting with our many friends here.  We took the ferry across the river to Canoa and spent a night with our friends who have built a large beach-side home there.  There have been many meals shared with friends at various restaurants around town and we have enjoyed several movie nights here at Puerto Amistad with great special meals.  Thanksgiving meal was with a large group here at Puerto Amistad with Tripp cooking the turkeys and the many guest bringing vegetable dishes and desserts.

Ecuador is a very friendly country with most of the “people” outgoingly friendly.  We enjoy the country but the officials are making visiting here more and more difficult all the time.  They now allow only 90 days in a year for tourists to be in the country.  Even though they may ‘give’ another 90 days when you reenter – it does not hold when you attempt to leave; you still only get 90 days out of the last 365!  Now we are having difficulty getting exit papers for the boat.  I expect that we will have them by the time we leave but it in the meantime requires much waiting and standing around.  Such is Latin American officialdom.