Thursday’s Projects

Yesterday we got started on the propane box repair.  Bill cut out the inner layer on fiberglass, exposing the rotten wood.  I cleaned out the wood dust.   This morning while the wind was light, I got four layers of fiberglass epoxied to the shell where the wood had been.  Bill was great at mixing up the many batches of epoxy that were needed and he even found time to install his new reading lamp and repair a flashlight with a bum switch.  We seem to have more good flashlights that the switch fails on long before the rest of the light is bad!!!

After the epoxy set up Bill cut out another section of the inner shell and I again scraped out the bad wood.  Tomorrow will be another day of morning epoxying.

We are currently using the internet connection at Puerto de Amistad since we do not get any connection on the boat.  The connection is great in the palapa that Tripp has constructed for computers and the beer is readily available, so maybe this is better.