Progress Continues

The anchor chain is piled on the foredeck ready to be transported ashore on the high tide tomorrow morning for the first leg of its trip to Manta and new galvanizing.  We have hired our favorite taxi driver with his pickup truck to get us and the chain to Manta on Wednesday.  I am looking forward to a trip to the Mall as well.  There is the big US-style grocery store there where I can start restocking the boat with yummy food. 

Today we finished repairing the first half of the propane locker and Bill moved the propane tank that we are using to that side of the box so that we can begin work on the other half.  Our second tank is in Puerto Amistad getting refilled.  We are holding off on picking it up as long as possible, lacking a place to store it on Lanikai except in the propane locker that we are working on.

Saturday Night we watched the first 3 quarters of the football game (Alabama vs S.Carolina) and enjoyed Tripp’s very excellent and meaty spaghetti and super garlicky garlic bread.  It got late and the game was very one-sided, so ESPN2  started spending too much time advertising other games and not much time  on the current one, so we headed back to Lanikai before the game was over.  It was already 9:30PM anyhow.

Tonight we are off for pizza.  A cruiser friendly hostel has conned one of their Italian guests to cook up Pizza and the cruisers have been invited.  Frank of WindSong is taking his guitar, so there should be good music as well.