Tillamook County Fair

Last week was the Tillamook County Fair and we ended up going to some event on every one of the four days of the fair.

The first night, there was an evening concert that the girls all enjoyed.  Country singer Phil Vasser sang for almost two hours.


Thursday, Nicolas spent several hours with Grandpa Bill checking out the tractor display.


The rest of the family spent the day helping with the 4H Legos and exploring the many craft projects.

Friday was the day that all the children had bracelets to ride on the carnival rides.  They rode on most of the rides; Alexa and Emily even took Nicolas with them on some of the less wild rides.


We took a break from the rides to enjoy a little of the fair food and while we were sitting at the table eating the Fair Clown road up on his small bicycle.  He entertained us all with several magic tricks.


The fair ended on Saturday night with the traditional Demolition Derby.   It ended after dark with all the cars as steaming, non-functioning wrecks in the middle of the field.