Sewing at Puerto Amistad

On Sundays, when the restaurant is closed, the cruisers are allowed to use the space for sewing projects.  Our first Sunday in Ecuador I got started on making new clear plastic curtains for the cockpit to keep the cockpit dry in the frequent Panama rains.  The old ones had served us well since leaving Mazatlán Mexico in 2001, but were ready for replacement.  The next Sunday was Father’s Day so the restaurant here was open for a special meal for the dads – no cruiser projects!  This last Sunday found 5 of us in the restaurant area repairing our sails.  I was early – before others arrived – and got the luff of our working jib repaired before the tables and floor filled up with the other sails and projects.

P6280001 P6280002

Blue Bottle is getting its mizzen sail repaired after it got torn in a storm as they were leaving the Perlas Islands, Panama, while Gem is getting a new cockpit shade and another sail is being folded.