Playing Tourist Near Bahía

Saturday we, along with Shirley and Frank, made use of a local taxi.  After making several quick stops in Puerto Viejo for various “needs” we took off to play tourist.  We visited the Panama Hat  town of Montecristi, not far from Puerto Viejo.  This is one of the small towns where the Panama Hats are still made by hand.  The taxi driver first drove us up the hill to visit a new museum and tomb to past Presidente Eloy Alfaro (1842-1912) .  He was the president of Ecuador that instigated all the railway lines and rail service in this country in the late 1800s and early 1900s.


There was a great view over the city of Montecristi from the museum site.


Down the hill into the town we visited the church on the central plaza.  Like most Latin American cities the plaza and church is the focal point of the town.


We spent some time shopping before we realized that we were all hungry.  Since it was already after 2:00 PM, we hunted for – or should I say the taxi driver found – us a nice restaurant with tables just off the sidewalk.  There we enjoyed roast chicken, rice and patacones.  The food for all 5 of us came to just over $12, not a bad deal.


Sunday we took the ferry across Rio Chone to the farming town of San Vicente just across the river from Bahía.  We took the car ferry over and walked down the beach to the center of San Vicente where we found the bus to take us the rest of the way.


There we caught a bus to the surfing town of Canoa,  where we stopped off to visit boating friends who have now settled and built a real nice home there – we call it ‘the castle’.

Wayne and Cher have built, over the last three years, a very nice home on the beach.  Cher has some very pretty gardens and plans for more flowers.  She fixed us a nice lunch before we continued, walking along the beach, to visit Scott and his new home (still under construction) and then on to the beach town of Canoa.  We arrived in Canoa in time to catch the last bus back to San Vicente and the people ferry back across the river and then home.