Many Breakages Off Shore

We made the passage from the Perlas Islands of Panama to Bahia de Caraquez in Ecuador.  The passage was an eight day trip with little to no wind the first few days.  Then the wind picked up from the south and blew up to 20 knots much of the rest of the passage.  The second day out the autopilot pump started making funny noises so Bill replaced it with our spare before it died completely.  The brushes had just about worn out.

Two days later the transmission refused to turn the prop and was out of transmission fluid.  Upon tracking down the problem we discovered that sea water had also gotten into the remaining fluid.  The transmission cooler had sprung a leak to the cooling sea water.  We happened to have the old one one board as a spare and with some effort the cooler was changed.  Several changes of transmission fluid and we were back in business.  The next morning the engine died for lack of fuel.  Changing the first fuel filter and installing a replacement lift pump seemed to solve the problem for awhile.  By then we had good wind so could sail as Bill made the repairs. 


Seems that the seas were too much for our Fleming self-steering rudder hinge and it sheered off leaving the rudder dangling behind Lanikai.  Three hours of work got the unit onboard and tied down securely so that we continue on our  way. 

P6020038 P6020037

Thirty six hours after “fixing” the fuel problem it seemed to reappear but the engine never actually died.  We will need to make sure that the tank has clean fuel and biocide added when we fill her again here.

We did have some beautiful sunrises and sunsets as well as passing rain squalls.  Some gave Lanikai a shower and others just passed in the distance.

P5310029 P5310032


It was a rather tough passage with all the repairs that we had to make underway.  Also the wind, which usually is SW allowing us to tack to the south and our goal, came out of the south so we needed to make some rather long tacks with the boat, well heeled, to reach our goal.