Cabo Pasado, Ecuador

We dropped the anchor just after 5:30 yesterday afternoon, (Friday, June 5) behind Cabo Pasado in Ecuador after an 8 day passage from Panama. The first four days of the passage we had little to no wind so we used the motor. The wind then picked up and we sailed most of the rest of the rest of the way. The seas were quite large and choppy but there usually was enough wind to keep the sails full even in the rolls. Of Course, the wind was from the south just the direction we wanted to go so sailing entailed many long tacks and Lanikai was well healed over much of the time. The passage was made rougher by the many breakdowns that needed to be repaired underway. Today Bill is still tracking down and fixing engine problems as we rest here for a few days waiting for Windsong and Blue Bottle to join us. Iwa arrived the day before and was waiting for us when we arrived. All four of us plan on heading into Bahia de Caraquez on Monday with the afternoon high tide.