Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador

After spending three days anchored behind Cabo Pasado we moved the 20 miles south west to cross the bar at high tide into Bahia de Caraquez.  We arrived only to discover that the anchorage was full.  The bridge construction across the Rio Chone eats up about a third of the anchorage area.  Today Saturday June 13, we moved our anchor again for the forth time trying to find a spot where we will not bump into other boats as we move about in the current and the wind.  We are in an an area that is decreed to be for bow and stern anchors, which makes for interesting anchoring.  A boat, bow and stern anchored, moves a lot further than you would think and it is hard to determine exactly where she will go.  Well for today we are here in a slightly different spot than yesterday.


Here is Bill on the stern dealing with the stern anchor line.

While anchored at Cabo Pasado Bill spent two days working on our engine problems. One day was spent flushing out the transmission fluid to remove the sea water that had gotten into that system.  Then, having discovered that the antifreeze we replaced while anchored at the Perlas Islands was again brown, we realized that the main heat exchanger was leaking sea water into the fresh water system.  A second bad heat exchanger on this trip.  Bill replaced the heat exchanger with our spare and we spent several hours flushing the system with fresh water before refilling it with new antifreeze.  After we got anchored here in Bahia Bill replaced the antifreeze again.  He also changed the engine oil and changed the transmission fluid again.  All looks good now!! 

Bahia is a very friendly town and we are enjoying ourselves ashore.  We have been to several of our favorite restaurants with friends and enjoy our evening beer at Puerto de Amistad visiting with our friends.