Underway towards Ecuador

At about 8:30 this morning we pulled the anchor and got underway toward Ecuador!! Yesterday, we got things stowed and Lanikai set up for the passage in the morning. In the afternoon we went ashore on Isla Contadora to visit with Ginny and Werner from Ornen. Frank and Shirley from Windsong joined us The 6 of us had nice afternoon ashore topping it off with a dinner of barbecued hamburgers.

This morning we had quite a bit of current as we crossed thru the islands toward the west. It swirled thru the many channels between the islands making for an interesting passage. Once we cleared west of the islands we turned more southerly to exit the Bay of Panama and hoisted the main sail in the very light winds. We should be out of the bay tomorrow morning where we will turn to a westerly course to avoid the worst of the Humboldt current before we turn south to Ecuador. About a 7 to 10 day passage ahead of us.