A new Anchorage

This morning we moved on to a little anchorage on the east side of Isla del Rey near several small islets and just north of the Isla Espiritu Santo anchorage. The day started out cloudy and drizzly but soon enough the sun burned thru and by the time we anchored we were ready for a swim. After swimming I took off in my new kayak to circumnavigate Isla Espiritu Santo. It was a great paddle until the afternoon winds picked up and made it hard work to get the short distance left returning to Lanikai. Yesterday we spent the day on Isla Contadora visiting our friend Ginny, "Ornen". Werner was at the Balboa Yacht Club, attending to things on their boat. We had met them years ago when we were all at the Chula Vista Marina in Southern California. They now own a home on Isla Contradora.