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Underway towards Ecuador

At about 8:30 this morning we pulled the anchor and got underway toward Ecuador!! Yesterday, we got things stowed and Lanikai set up for the passage in the morning. In the afternoon we went ashore on Isla Contadora to visit with Ginny and Werner from Ornen. Frank and Shirley from Windsong joined us The 6 of us had nice afternoon ashore topping it off with a dinner of barbecued hamburgers.

This morning we had quite a bit of current as we crossed thru the islands toward the west. It swirled thru the many channels between the islands making for an interesting passage. Once we cleared west of the islands we turned more southerly to exit the Bay of Panama and hoisted the main sail in the very light winds. We should be out of the bay tomorrow morning where we will turn to a westerly course to avoid the worst of the Humboldt current before we turn south to Ecuador. About a 7 to 10 day passage ahead of us.

Rio Cacique

Saturday we moved further south along Isla del Rey to anchor off the small river of Rio Cacique. It is at the north end of the large bay at the south end of the big island. The southerly swells that are increasing this time of year get into the bay so it was a rather rolly anchorage much of our time here. I did find new places to explore in the kayak but due to the swells and the breakers across the entrance to the shallow river I could not enter it. Today we are moving back to an anchorage behind Isla Espiritu Santo again. Tomorrow it is back to Isla Contadora for fresh vegies and to meet up with Frank and Shirley from Windsong who plan on leaving Balboa on Wednesday heading this way.


Last Wednesday we snorkeled off Isla Espiritu Santo. There is a large reef on its eastern shore and the snorkeling would have been great with clearer water. Yesterday when I was out kayaking near Rio Cacique I noticed that the water had really cleared up. I could see the bottom under Lanikai at 15 feet so we are hoping for some good snorkeling in the next week before we head on south to Ecuador.

Espiritu Santo

One week since we left Panama City and we are still enjoying the Perlas Islands. This morning we moved 0.8 miles to anchor behind Isla Espiritu Santo with many nearby nooks and reefs to explore with the kayak. The water seems to be clearing so we are hoping for snorkel opportunities as well. Sunday was a rainy cloudy day all day, but yesterday the sun came out again, and today is still sunny with the occasional tropical rain cloud passing over us and giving Lanikai a nice shower. I am continuing to enjoy my new yellow kayak and Bill is moving along, on his computer, with additions to the FotoScrapAlbum program that he originally wrote for me years ago to organize all our trip photos with.

A new Anchorage

This morning we moved on to a little anchorage on the east side of Isla del Rey near several small islets and just north of the Isla Espiritu Santo anchorage. The day started out cloudy and drizzly but soon enough the sun burned thru and by the time we anchored we were ready for a swim. After swimming I took off in my new kayak to circumnavigate Isla Espiritu Santo. It was a great paddle until the afternoon winds picked up and made it hard work to get the short distance left returning to Lanikai. Yesterday we spent the day on Isla Contadora visiting our friend Ginny, "Ornen". Werner was at the Balboa Yacht Club, attending to things on their boat. We had met them years ago when we were all at the Chula Vista Marina in Southern California. They now own a home on Isla Contradora.