Weekend Trip to El Valle

 This past weekend we made a trip to El Valle ,a small town in the caldera of a long extinct volcano.  Frank and Shirley have a car here in Panama and called us Saturday morning to see if we would be interested in going with them up into the mountains to El Valle.  We quickly thru a few things together in a bag and were off with them.  The last week it has been hot and humid here in Panama City so the trip to the much cooler mountains was a real treat.  The caldera must have rich soil,as the Panamanians that have vacation homes there have lush gardens with lots of flowers.


We ate lunch at a small Italian restaurant on the main street of El Valle. 


Then we drove around town eventually finding  the small zoo.

ValleCat ValleOstrich

The Zoo was small but contained cages of many of the local animals and some exotic ones.  Here Frank tries to get a photo of the ostrich and Shirley checks out the small cat that is a member of the jaguar family.


Los Capitanes, where we spent the night, was a flower garden spot.  It is owned by a German so we enjoyed great German food in its little restaurant.



Sunday is market day in the little town, so after breakfast Frank drove back into town so that we could check out the wares.

 We drove back to Panama City, dropping back down into the heat of the coast as we joined the Pan-American highway.  We stopped for a lunch of ‘just-ok’ Mexican food before finishing our drive back to Balboa Yacht Club and the boats – home again.