Panama Elections 2009

Next Sunday (May 3) is presidential election day in Panama and the candidates are having their last minute rallies in various sites around the country.  Yesterday, the Cambio Democratico Party held a big rally in the park right near to the Balboa Yacht Club.   This party is the very strong favorite to overthrow the long-ruling PRD (Socialist) party, and bring some interesting modern changes to the country.

The main street going along the causeway was full of revelers by mid-afternoon on Sunday.  We went out to lunch with Frank and Shirley (WindSong) and Debbie (Serenity) and, knowing that the road out would be jammed, we walked over the Balboa to meet up with them.  On the walk back I got some photos of some of the highly decorated and flag-flying buses.


Later in the evening the Vice Presidential and Presidential candidate gave speeches and after each of their speeches a mega fireworks display was fired off!!!  I walked down the walkway and snapped a few photos of the fuegos in the sky.


Bill got his new glasses today!!! and since the Lanikai is all ready, we are hoping for an early departure to the Perlas Islands in the morning.