Getting ready to leave Panama

While I was in the states helping my daughter and parents and enjoying my grandson, Bill finished up and started projects that we hope to finish before we leave the big city of Panama with all its supplies and stores.  Since I returned bringing some much needed parts south with me, we have finished fixing things and have now started with checking out the many systems that have not been used since we tied to the buoy here at the Balboa Yacht Club last May.


We both made trips to the top of the mast to check out the rigging, replace the sun-brittled lens of the tricolor light and to install a repaired antenna.    Bill has also spent many mornings curled up in the engine room checking out steering parts and refrigeration tubes, replacing engine zincs and making final adjustments to the finally-repaired Kubota genset engine.  The genset now works better than is has in years!

We have also been enjoying visiting restaurants with our friends, so it has not been all work and no play.

Soon after Easter, we are hoping to leave here and spend some time in the Las Perlas Islands before heading south to Ecuador in early June.