Easter Week

This week, starting with Easter Sunday, was a week of many activities.


Easter Sunday we enjoyed pizza on Lanikai with a few friends to celebrate not only Easter but Debbie’s (of Serenity) Birthday, which happened to be on Easter this year.  Shirley from Windsong brought over a pretty salad to complement the pizza as well as additional toppings for the pizza; but best of all she brought her delicious rum cake for the birthday celebration.


Monday night, the usual cruiser crowed gathered at the BYC bar for a book exchange accompanied by lots of beer!

Barbeque1.jpg     Barbeque2.jpg

Tuesday evening we joined some of our friends at Paul’s house for a yummy barbecue.  Paul was holding the event in celebration of our leaving Panama for the islands and on to Ecuador.  Our leaving is being delayed as the anti-glare coating on Bill’s glasses is fogging up bad enough that he can’t really see! So we took off in the morning to Optica Lopez to order him new glasses.  They will not be in for about 10 days so our planned Saturday departure is going to be postponed for an additional week.

Tonight is the opening – finally! – of the Bohio Restaurant at the BYC.  The structure has been ready since well before Christmas, but there was not enough electricity to run all the freezers at the bar there and the final official paper work was just signed and stamped this week.  Bill and I plan to eat down there tonight although, at least for a time, the menu will be the same as we have been enjoying at the upstairs bar.  We are sitting at the bar now for its internet access and cold beers.