Dinghy Wheels

We, like most of our cruising friends, have wheels for our dinghy for when we take it up onto beaches so that we can get ashore. The wheels are on the aft part of the dinghy and support the weight of the engine as we pull our dinghy ashore. Well – these wheels see much salt water and therefore do not last long!  The first set of wheels had an aluminum hub which turned to white powder after a few years and no longer supported the tire. The current set has a steel hub which just needs painting, but the tires themselves are some type of modern foam-filled  rubberized-plastic.  Since the foam has soaked up water, the outer tread layer is pealing off. Time for a new set of wheels(!) but since they are hard to come by we are currently trying to seal off the foam so that these wheels will last us until our next trip back to the States where the internet will provide a new set.

We are planning to get underway within the next couple of days!

Our plan is to head out to the Perlas Islands to spend a month or so, before we continue on the Ecuador for the next summer season. The wheels will only be need in the islands here,  as there is a nice dock for landing ashore in Ecuador.