Chili Cook Off at BYC

Yesterday was the first annual chili cook off at the Balboa Yacht Club.  There were 6 entries.  Shirley and I entered a combined batch of chili.  Actually I made chili with two kinds of beans and 2 pounds of sausage and Shirley made her own recipe with 6 pounds of meat and chili.  We then mixed the two together.  Everyone liked our chili (although it was quite picante) and we got the people’s choice award.

Frank and Shirley.jpg

Here Shirley is mixing our two chilis together and Frank tests the mixture.

Bill with Chile.jpg

Bill tastes the chili and also approved our mixture.


The official winners (according to our three judges) were the chilis that were the least picante, leaving those of us with hot chilis to gather in the people’s choice award.


After we cleaned up from the chili fun, a band appeared to provide music for everyone until after dark.

The Chili contest was a success and $270 was raised for the children’s home, Casa Esperanza.