Casco Viejo

Today I went with Shirley (WindSong) and Debbie (Serenity) to Casco Viejo for lunch with a fun group of women.  While wandering around the old city looking for the restaurant, we walked past the church with the golden altar that had been moved from Ciudad Viejo when the original city was moved to its new location after being sacked by pirates, many hundreds of years ago.  The altar had been painted black to protect it from theft by the pirates.  It was thus saved and eventually cleaned up and placed into a newly constructed church in the (then) new city of Panama, now Casco Viejo.


Bill and I have visited Casco Viejo many times in the past, but this is one of the few times that I have actually seen the church open!  (see also A Tour of Casco Viejo)   Although there was a large tourist group there, I did get some good new photos of the altar.

We finally found the restaurant and enjoyed a nice lunch, followed by a trip around the block to the ice cream store for dessert!