Another restaurant dinner

Thursday night we joined with the folks from two other boats for dinner at a Argentinian steak restaurant, Gaucho’s, in downtown Panama City.  We got a late start as Bill was picking the web cam photos from the last of the Canal locks on the Caribbean side for friends on Claire de Lune that were finishing their canal transit of the Panama Canal.


The food was great and the friendship even better!  The restaurant imports their steaks from the States so they were tender and tasty.  Steve and Portia (of Dream Caper) are heading out to the Perlas Islands in the next couple of days and then on to Ecuador.  We plan to follow them next week, but currently are hoping to stay in the Perlas Islands, enjoying ourselves in the water, until early June when we will follow them to Ecuador.  Frank and Shirley of WindSong were here tonite too!  They’ll be travelling along to Ecuador as well.