Trip to Montana

I (Doreen) made a trip to Montana in March to help my parents out.  My father needed a minor operation and someone had to stay with my mother, so I was elected to do the job.  I actually had a great time with my mother: visiting and reminiscing about our large family growing up in Oceanside, California.  We did have a fun time as children even though we fought like cats and dogs much of the time.  With 9 of us young ones it is a real surprise that my folks as still around and sane.

After dad returned home from the hospital I stayed around for another two weeks just to make sure that I was no longer needed.  I spent the time with our oldest daughter, Ginger, and our grandson Mauricio.  Mauricio is only three and he is already putting letters together to form words!!  His latest is finding those letters on the computer and sending off those words in e-mails to me.  Well his mom has to help to get the e-mails sent of course.


Here is Mauricio forming words with his blocks.


And here he is typing an e-mail to grandma, me.


It was very cold, -9º F for several days (ignoring the “wind chill” factor!!), and we got dumped on by snow several times while I visited.  When it warmed up enough for outside play, Mauricio found a nice puddle in the street to jump into.

I was very glad to return back to Panama where the weather is warmer, although it took me a few days to really thaw out.  Guess that I am no longer used to the cold and snow.