New Kayak


Yesterday (Thursday) we went kayak shopping and managed to find a nice small light-weight kayak for Doreen.  The store promised to deliver it today, Friday.  We had other shopping to do before we returned to Lanikai – including purchasing new exhaust hose for the Kubota diesel still under repair and a trip to the nearby super grocery store.   We arrived back to Lanikai and no sooner had we emptied our bags when the phone rang: The kayak was on its way to us already!  We called a launch and hurried to the Yacht Club’s bohio to wait for the arrival of the kayak.  Several hours later the kayak finally arrived.  The truck had been stuck in traffic and, yes, they did call us several times to say that they really were coming but were stuck in traffic (normal here in Panama City).  We transported the kayak to Lanikai in the YC’s launch, but by then it was after 4PM so we just fixed some sandwiches and relaxed onboard for the evening.

This morning – after our walk – I readied the kayak for the water, but then I had to wait until the current to cut back to slack before dropping it overboard – around noon – and taking it for a nice paddle.  Bill helped me haul it up into its storage rack for the first time; it sure is a lot lighter than the old kayak.  I am sure going to enjoy using it, but first I have to get my arm strength back!!