Engine Repair Week


Last week we rebuilt the little shelf that holds the Kubota’s water-lift muffler and on Saturday Bill got it all installed into the engine room where there is lots of space to work (!not!).  With that finished, this week he got started on getting the motor itself back together.  Yesterday, the piston went into the cylinder, the valves went into the head and the head went on the block.  Alas we could still hear air escaping from the exhaust valve when we spun the engine by hand.  So today he removed the head, re-lapped the exhaust valve until the seat looked “perfect” and finally got the  motor back together (with decent compression) and in back into the engine room bolted to its little spot.  The project is not completed yet as there is all the extraneous stuff to  attach to the motor including the water pumps to cool the engine, the starter motor, air filter, fuel filter and the alternator so it will be several more days before it is actually running but progress is occurring.


Last Sunday we walked the causeway (5 kilometers) with Frank (WindSong) to meet up with Royce and Pam (RDreamZ) for lunch.  It was quite windy with occasional clouds blocking the hot sun so it was not a bad walk.


We ate at Pomodoro’s Italian Restaurant and the food was quite good, although a little slow in coming.  No problem as Royce had brought along his new fancy iPod that even connects to the internet to surf or receive mail – naturally we all had to play with that!    The food was very good and the waiter was good at keeping our water glasses full as we rehydrated from the walk.  To top off the meal, we all had ice cream at the nearby Gelarti’s and then the three of us walked back to the Balboa YC (another 5 kilometers!).  Sorry that Pam and Royce have their boat anchored at that end of the causeway and didn’t get to enjoy the 10k walk!