Back in Panama City

We have now been back on Lanikai two weeks.  The last day of the cruise (Saturday) was spent on-board traveling all the way from the ABC islands back to Colón, Panama.  In Colón we were  met by friends – two of whom were boarding the ship to take the cruise the week after we did.  Frank and Shirley (of WindSong) did the honors of driving us back across the isthmus to the Panama City on the Pacific side and to Lanikai.

It took us a whole week to get our act together and to figure out where we were on our projects; and this last week Bill has gotten going again on the rebuild of the tiny Kubota engine.  Its parts and pieces have been scattered throughout Lanikai for almost two months now.  Broken pieces have been taken to a shop for repair and now Bill has to figure out how to attack all the problems in a systematic way.  This little engine is used to turn a large alternator to top off the batteries when the sun does not do the job.  With the two extra solar panels that we installed in December, the batteries now top up each day (usually in the early afternoon) so getting the Kubota back into working order is much less pressing than it was back in early November.  But it certainly will be nice to get all the parts and pieces back into one spot in the engine room when it is repaired, get all the tools put away, and to reclaim the nav table for general use.


Here is a photo of Bill examining what is left of the little Kubota after he removed all the parts that he could.