Willemstad, Curaçao

We arrived off Willemstad, Curaçao in the late morning.  There was another cruise ship docked at an outer dock but we passed thru into the inner harbor past the open floating bridge.


As we approached the city the pilot boat came out to drop off the pilot to guide us in.  As the pilot boat approached we could see how rough the seas really were.  The trade winds blow pretty steady from the east all year but in the winter they are much stronger.


Santa Marta was a coal exporting port  and Willemstad appeared to be exporting oil.  There were lots of stacks around and many had occasional flames out the top.


Willemstad is a Dutch city and the buildings and waterways reminded of our visit to the Netherlands several years ago.  It has a very different look and feel than the rest of Latin America with its Spanish influence.


The old fort is just inside the harbor entrance.  The buildings now seem to be used as government offices.


Even the church shows no Spanish influence even though it is constructed of concrete.  The decoration and shape is Dutch.


One of the interesting sites in the city is the floating market.  Small boats arrive each day with fresh produce and tie up to the wall to sell their products.