Otranjestad, Aruba

Aruba was the next stop on our cruise.  It is another Dutch settlement and the wharf is protected by a shallow reef of  sandbar and small islands.


There was a small area of anchored boats near where the ship docked and this photo also shows part of the offshore reef.


Bill and I signed up for a “sail,  snorkel, and swing” activity.  We were transported by a well decorated bus to the dock where the schooner awaited us just offshore.  We were transported out to the schooner on a small barge along with a group of about 20 people.  The schooner upped anchor and we sailed off to the first snorkel spot.


The first snorkel spot was above a World War 2 German wreck.  Bill took his first underwater photos there after having spent some time with the camera instructions ahead of time.


The second snorkel spot was over a sandy area that contained many rounded rocks.  On the rocks grew several types of sea live.


After snorkeling we had a nice sail back, complete with drinks from an open bar onboard.  We made one more stop for the “swing” part of the adventure.  They had a halyard fixed with a  handle and the passengers took turns swinging out over the water and dropping off.  I gave it a shot and discovered that it takes quite strong arms to hang on for a long swing.

We returned to the ship via another highly decorated bus and showered before going to the restaurant for a late lunch.