Cartagena, Colombia

After an all night travel from Colón, Panamá we arrived in Cartagena, Columbia, late in the morning.  After breakfast, Bill and I spent some time watching out to sea.

Boats Offshore.jpg

We noticed a couple of container ships, probably heading to the Panama Canal, and two sailboats.  One of the boats was nearing the entrance to Cartagena.



The channel into the estuary around Cartagena is entered thru a narrow opening called Boca Chica, which was once guarded by old Spanish forts on either side of the entrance.


We entered the estuary and proceeded to the inner harbor, were we tied up near another large cruise ship in the container port.


In 1999 when we visited here on a container ship bound for Europe, we were tied up very near to our current spot.  Having spent three days visiting all the historic sites in the old city on that earlier visit, we opted to rest today saving our energy for new ports.  We did walk in to Club Nautico,  where the cruising fleet meets here, hoping to see some of our cruising friends.  We enjoyed beers at the small restaurant there before returning to the ship.